25 November 2016

Autumn 2016 and our Third Exmoor

So we now have Tanana - stable name Anna...

The Exmoor roundup October 2016 (Farleywater Herd)


I think this is Silver, Siren and Anna's mum
 Then a report in the local newspaper...

and Anna settling in

Anna and Lexie
Big Girl Tanana wearing her headcollar
The Three Exmoorteers

A Look Back In Time

Kathy about 3 riding Lola
Kathy a few months old - that's me riding Ceilidh

Lexie 6 months old
and Lexie now

13 August 2016

Haymaking 2016

make hay while the sun (very temporarily) shines!

Saturday August 12th 2016 about 440 bales

The Gang...

and the newbie...

Wonky Donk, Lexie, Saffie, Siren
 August 2016